Storm Relief, Mayfield Kentucky, Dec 2021

Tornados ripped through Benoist territory on Friday, December 10th, cutting a wide swath of destruction through western Kentucky and parts of Tennessee and Arkansas.  On Thursday, a team of Benoist employees delivered a truckload of supplies to the affected area, including food, water, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, blankets, toiletries, toys and dog food.

The project was spearheaded by Regional Sales Manager Tony Hall and his wife, Dena, in cooperation with Benoist contractors C&C Heating & Cooling in Benton, KY and Adams Heating & A/C in Mayfield.  Joining the effort from Benoist were Randy Spence, Inside Sales; Alex Hamilton, Territory Manager; Ricky Collins, Branch Manager; and Peter Warren, CEO.

In moments like this, we truly recognize that Benoist Brothers is an extended family, one that includes our employees, our contractors, and the people who live in the communities we serve.  For the people in the path of this devastating tornado, recovery will be a long and arduous process.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help them in whatever ways we can.

Mayfield, KY - Dec 10th, 2021