Ruud Renaissance 6-Ton Package System

Renaissance™ Line with PlusOne® SmartShield™ Coil System

6 Ton Package Air Conditioners, Gas Electric Units and Heat Pumps

Ruud® is pleased to announce the new 6 Ton addition to the Renaissance™ Line of package air conditioners, gas electric units and heat pumps.

This new introduction to the Renaissance platform conditions building climates of various commercial applications while continuing the traditions of the Rheem Commercial Renaissance Line, including features such as:

  • Improved footprint for easier installation
  • Enhanced serviceability features with Ruud PlusOne® ServiceSmart package
  • Robust Design and High-Quality Critical Components
  • Increased Efficiency with the PlusOne SmartShield™ Microchannel Coil System
  • Energy Savings of over 30% compared to baseline technology
  • Industry's First Full Microchannel Coil System for Packaged Heat Pumps
  • Boasts a Defrost System specifically for Heat Pumps with a Patent Pending

The Renaissance Line is equipped with high performance technologies that meet the Department of Energy’s (DOE) IEER requirements to deliver higher efficiencies at lower operating costs; it also includes models that are compliant with ASHRAE 90.1, ASHRAE 62.1, IECC, IMC, and California Title 24 regulations.

AHRI Listed Models

New ModelCapacityEERSEER
RHPCZT072AC6 Tons1114.1
RGECZT072AC6 Tons1114.6
RACCZT072AC6 Tons11.214.8

Important Dates

Spec Sheets available on MyRuudOct-20
Pricing available in I-StoreAvailable Now
6T Models listed in RapidSpecDec-20
First Order DateAvailable Now
First Ship Date16-Nov-20
Reheat Option for RGEC/RACC ModelsOct-20