Introducing The New Honeywell D6 Pro Wi-Fi Ductless Controller

The Honeywell D6 Pro Wi-Fi Ductless Controller improves virtually every ductless system you install.

One of the big advantages of ductless mini-split systems is their simplicity. Minimal hardware. Easy installation. Simple – except for the button-loaded remote control that nobody understands. The D6 Pro Controller keeps ductless simple. Installation and on-device setup take only a few minutes. The Honeywell Home mobile app adds features like scheduling, geofencing, and multi-zone control. Even homeowner hand-off is simple. The app will send a personalized email that invites the customer to complete the Wi-Fi connection process on their own. That’s about as simple as ductless control gets. The Honeywell D6 Pro Wi-Fi Ductless Controller. Simply in control.

More sales, fewer callbacks

The D6 Pro Controller is a must-have addition to every new ductless system, and an affordable service upsell for existing systems. Intuitive controls, auto changeover, and mode troubleshooting from the app all add up to fewer callbacks and truck rolls. And the D6 Pro Controller is part of the same Honeywell Home connected platform that includes thermostats, security cameras and water leak/freeze detectors—which helps you sell it as part of a whole home solution.


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