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According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), it is estimated that the cost of solar PV (photo voltaic) energy has decreased by up to 70% in the last 10 years. This decrease in cost per kilowatt, coupled with growing pressure to reduce the use of fossil fuels, has created unprecedented demand in the US for solar energy. More than ever, contractors are being asked about reducing utility cost and incorporating solar energy into local homes and businesses.

Because of your skill set, HVAC contractors have a unique opportunity to evaluate the current efficiency of your customers’ homes or businesses, recommend areas of improvement, including solar, and install the appropriate-sized solar array to handle your customers’ needs.

Why is solar such a natural fit for the HVAC contractor?

  • They have an established customer base, built over time. Unlike most solar contractors, they are trusted by their customers and they are here to stay.
  • HVAC typically consumes 75% of a home’s energy usage; maximizing energy efficiency is already one of HVAC contractors' primary concerns on every job. Solar is another tool they can offer their customers to increase efficiency and reduce their total energy cost.
  • They know what the homeowner’s energy loads are. It’s a natural next step for them to calculate and recommend right-sized solar solutions that can address those loads.
  • They already have the tools and the electrical expertise. It’s easier than they may think!
Solar HVAC Installation
Solar HVAC Installation

What are some of the benefits to HVAC contractors of offering solar?

  • Solar installation is highly profitable and can provide them with additional revenue, especially during shoulder seasons.
  • Solar gives them a way to distinguish themselves from other HVAC contractors and sell the added value they bring to the table, instead of having to always compete on price.
  • Solar sales often lead to high efficiency HVAC equipment sales as well, as home and business owners become excited about further maximizing energy efficiency. The additional cost of higher SEER systems is easily absorbed within the context of a larger solar energy project.
  • Tax incentives, utility rebates and attractive financing options offset equipment costs and give them a compelling story to tell home and business owners who are interested in taking the journey towards energy independence.

At Benoist Brothers, we are committed to finding ways to help our contractors grow their businesses.  Solar is an exciting solution whose time has come for HVAC contractors -- and we can provide them with all the solar products and training they need to get started! Contact a Benoist Location near you today!