Fujitsu Zoom HVAC Support App

Fujitsu consistently stays up to date with sophisticated technology to continually improve customer relations systems. Most recently, with a state of the art ticketing system. Now, Fujitsu one up's it’s ticketing system by adding video conferencing to troubleshooting calls. This allows Fujitsu service technicians to troubleshoot live, thus reducing callbacks.

It is a free app you can download now, called Zoom Cloud Meetings, that will help Fujitsu guide you through each step of the troubleshooting process.

Go to to set up your free account and download this free app today!

Download: How to Install & Setup Zoom

Benefits for Contractors:

  • Free app - available for iPhone and Android
  • Visual interaction
  • Live troubleshooting
  • Reduce call time on site
  • Prevent contractor's return to site


Contractors are already using and benefiting from this app! Recently, Zoom was used during a service call and it worked beautifully. A Fujitsu service technician was able to resolve the issue within 5 minutes of being connected. The issue was determined quicker than it normally would have and was resolved on the spot. Using Zoom will minimize the amount of parts that need to be replaced and also allow Fujitsu service technicians to get systems online more quickly.

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