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Howell Metal's quality system incorporates many elements of nationally recognized quality programs used by industry leaders creating a forward looking quality initiative. Detailed testing is performed in-process and on the final product at appropriate stages in the production process.  The most current non-destructive eddy-current testing is performed along the length of each section of tubing we manufacture.  Our ACR/Med Gas product is cleaned with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and laboratory tested by qualified technicians for residue.  Through in-depth analysis and auditing of the manufacturing process we continually modify and improve our production methods to provide quality products.

Manufactured from UNS C12200 grade copper (Copper 99.9% minimum, phosphorus de-oxidized), Howell Metal copper tubing products conform to current industry standards using the American Society of Testing and Material (ASTM), Federal Specifications WWT-775B and WWT-799B, National Fire Protection Association standard for Health Care Facilities NFPA99, Compressed Gas Association G-4.1, and NSF-61-G as guidelines and contain no Mercury or asbestos.