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Here you will find current job listings, profiles of our team members and features that illustrate what it’s like to work at Benoist. 

 Our business is built on strong relationships and unequaled customer service. The number one key to our success is our people, who are rewarded for working hard and achieving company goals. 

 Our Employee Value Proposition is a blueprint for how we treat our most important resource. These are the tenets that differentiate us from our competitors, and we live by them every day. Whether you are an existing team member or a prospective Benoist employee, there is something for you in these pages, and throughout our site. 

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Employee Value Proposition:

At Benoist, our employees are our greatest resource. It is incumbent on Benoist leadership at every level to create and sustain a work environment where our employees are safe, respected, and able to thrive. 

The following tenets comprise the Benoist Employee Value Proposition and, taken as a whole, are at the core of what differentiates Benoist from other companies:

  • Benoist provides fair & competitive compensation and benefits to its employees.
  • Employees are trusted and respected; their opinions and contributions are valued and actively sought out.
  • Opportunities for career advancement are regularly provided to current employees whenever possible. 
  • Training opportunities are abundant and made readily available to any employee who desires to further their industry knowledge.
  • We provide our employees a safe work environment that is free from harassment or abuse.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.
  • Events, quarterly/annual bonuses, regular communications etc. are used to create a sense of teamwork, shared purpose and camaraderie that is unique to Benoist and valued by its employees.

Even though we are spread out among thirteen far-flung branches in five states, at Benoist we operate as a closely-knit team and rely upon each other to deliver the best service that we can to our customers. This philosophy, coupled with a creative mindset and a relentless work ethic, sets Benoist apart from our competition. It’s the only way we will do business.